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How to choose a good domain name?

Since the domain should be one of the tools to promote the business, it is most effective to use a brand name, abbreviation or keywords.

Brand name

Use a brand name as your domain name if you want to increase recognition of your company and get first place in search results for targeted queries with the name of your company.

Abbreviation or acronym

The shorter and simpler the domain name, the easier it is to remember. For example, or This is a good option if you can reduce the name of your project to an acronym, and it does not become confusing and does not lose association with the brand.


If your brand name is too long and the abbreviation gets complicated, make the domain name a keyword. Keywords in the name will help to bring your site to the first positions in the search for that query. Your SEO will thank you.

Avoid numbers and hyphens

The more additional characters in the domain name, the greater the risk that the user will mistype it. An exception - if the characters are in the name of the brand. But to add numbers or hyphens, to achieve the uniqueness of the domain name is not worth it.

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Think about the prospects, before you specify a regional area in the name

Another case where the numbers will be appropriate in a domain name. For example, the site of the car repair shop in Atlanta can be called But choose such a name should be chosen with caution. If you want to expand activities and open repair shops in other regions - you will have to change the domain name.

If the desired domain is busy, add to the name of a suitable word. If you have a doughnut store, but the name is already taken, you can try or An additional advantage - this name can bring additional traffic to the site through the use of new keywords.

Try to have a name that is not similar to competitors

If you have chosen a suitable name, punch it into a search engine and check if there are already domains with similar spelling. If you differ from competitors with one letter, a hyphen or different spelling of the same word in the transliteration - worth thinking of another domain name.

If you have chosen a domain, it is time to register it.